Welcome to the newly formed Isaac & Lee website!

For many of you this will be your first experience reading Isaac & Lee. For others, glad to see you’ve found this page.

I’ve been writing and illustrating Isaac & Lee for the past six years now, all of it done on hard copy. I’ve gotten to a point in the series now where I simply want to reach more people and I want to be able to share Isaac & Lee sooner than it takes for me to create the story, pencil, ink and then publish it. Which takes from anywhere between three months to a year. That just takes too long!

For those of you who have already read my books some parts of this site will be a refresher, however I plan to not only post pages from the books as well as art, concept drawings, one off inspirational strips and commentary on the comics.

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Here’s the cover for issue #1 as created by Eric Logan Taylor: