Isaac and Lee Issue 3 Page 5

This scene is a rare one in that it was actually a request. A friend, and co-worker, of mine wanted to die in one of my comics.
Now Isaac & Lee is, not only a drama, but also a dramatised version of actual events so I began thinking about how I would kill off his character (who hadn’t been introduced yet). I don’t know if he was serious about wanting to be in the comic, but he had presented a writing challenge to me and I felt obligated to rise to meet this challenge. But how?
Then one day life decided to give me his story. They say that life is stranger than fiction and his story is no exception. He was at a different job and he was on his lunch break. He unwrapped his sandwich and began eating it. All of a sudden, a seagull swooped down, attacked him (giving him some very deep cuts that probably needed stitches) and took off with his sandwich. The basic story was strange enough, but my mind decided to run with the story and make it even more bizarre than the original.
Looking back, I’m not sure why I changed the bird from a seagull to a pidgeon. Maybe because I feel that pidgeons are funnier than seagulls, I’m not sure.
What I like about this scene is that it sets the stage for what happens in the bar. In the same way that the guy outside the bar is eaten alive, so too is Lee.